75 Gallon Tank Cleaning my Marineland Magnum 350 Dual Purpose Canister Filter


I've had my tank and filter for 5 weeks. I have 13 fish in the tank already.
Should I clean my filter now? If so, how do I go about doing it? Do I change the carbon media and just rinse out the blue fiber filter or do I change or rinse out the blue filber filter only leaving the carbon media alone. Please help me because I'm not sure of the process of cleaning this filter - or even if I'm to clean it this soon...HELP


According to your aquarium info, you tank has been set up a little over a month.
Leave the filter alone! Don't open it until month # 2.
Your tank may not even be cycled yet.

When the time is right and you do clean your canister, remove the carbon and do not replace it.
(Unless you have an odor problem or have used meds. you don't necessarily need the carbon.)

Have a couple of buckets ready. Fill one bucket with used tank water.
Pour 2-3 inches from one bucket to the empty one and swish the blue fiber filter in it.
Pour off the dirty water and add some more, swish the blue pad again.
Continue until the water looks relatively clear.

What other medium do you have in the can? Do the same with the bio thingies and any filter floss you may have in the canister.
Reuse those items until they literally fall apart.

But again, since your tank and filter are so new, don't clean the filter yet. It's too soon.

Don't over feed. As a matter of fact, skip a day feeding a week. It will be hard on you, but your fish will be fine.
In the wild, fish go for long periods of time without food. Instinct tells them to continue to eat, even though they have had more than enough.

Over feeding will only fowl your filter sooner and slow your bio cycle.
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Thanks for the great information - I will follow your instruction to the tee. Now I have an understanding of what to do.

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