Cleaning glass tops

  1. Steelersfishguy Initiate Member

    Hi ! I have dried hard water or calcium on my glass lids , I clean them every week with vinegar and then rinse them off with hot water for about 5 mins then dry them before putting back on but they are still stained. I was wondering if tooth paste would work with an old tooth brush then rinse with hot water??

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  2. Steelersfishguy Initiate Member

    Cleaning glass lids

    Hi ! Has anyone tried cleaning the glass lids with tooth paste and an old tooth brush to remove calcium or dried hard water from the glass ? Thanks for your help!!

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  3. Matt B Well Known Member Member

    I use a paste of table salt and vinegar and vigorously scrub it, the salt is pretty abrasive and helps to break things up along with the vinegar ime.
  4. bescher Member Member

    I just take mine off and over to the sink, some windex, then rinse it off and dry it with a lint free towel
  5. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    The trick to keeping glass lids clean is to wipe them down frequently & not let any drips dry.
    If you do get watermarks a clean unused kitchen scrubber & a run under the tap will get them off, if they're really stubborn a white vinegar solution will do the trick.
  6. Steelersfishguy Initiate Member

    Ok!! Thanks! I'll give that a try !!

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    I have the same thing at the top of my tank so how do I get it off? I've tried razors vinegar might work but I'm afraid of it getting in the tank

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