Cleaning filter sponge


I have an internal filter and I'm wondering how often I should remove and clean the filter sponge?Some say two weeks, others say four.

What is best?

I know that I should only rinse it in water removed from the tank, and not under the tap.


There really isn't a set time since each tank is different. A heavier stocked tank will need the media cleaned more often than a tank with just a few fish. As long as the water is flowing freely through the sponge it is still doing its job. If the water starts backing up you will know your sponge is clogged and needs attention.

If you find it gets clogged quickly you may need to clean it with each weekly water change but if not you may be able to go much longer between cleanings. Over time you will know whether it needs to be cleaned and how often by how the water is flowing through it.
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