Cleaning Community Tank With Cherry Shrimp?

So I had the bright idea to add shrimp to my fishtank, to help control algae. I ordered them online, and they are a group of 8 Sakura Painted shrimps (Red). They were supposed to be about 1" long, but instead they are less than 1cm, with some being really small. Essentially, they are cherry shrimp.

So now I have a 20 Gallon fish tank that still needs regular maintenance (water changes, gravel vacuuming) but these minuscule creatures hiding in every nook and cranny. If I'm lucky, I see 2 - 3 shrimps at a time. They are virtually undiscoverable.

Suggestions? I have to clean the tank tomorrow... were you all keeping them in shrimp-only tanks?
When I had ghost shrimp I used a piece of window screen and rubber banded it on the end of my drain hose so I wouldn't suck them up. So something like that or a piece of pantyhose would work.

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