Cleaning Cannister Filter

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    I've got a 300gal pond with a submerged pump connected to a cannister full of bio-balls buried next to it at the back next to the rock waterfall.

    My water is full of suspended matter (mostly pine needles and dead sticks) that I'd like to clean up. The bottom muck completely overwhelms my little aquarium python.

    I've added a layer of floss to the filter, which certainly picks up a lot of debris, but I have to change it often.

    I am not sure how you're supposed to clean one of these big cannisters. It has a central pipe attached to the lid that goes down through the media to the bottom with a cap that has little jets to disperse the flow. So, when you pull the lid off, the pipe and its little jets is pulled up out of the media. If you're lucky, the bottom cap with its jets is still attached. When you put it back, the cap is bound to come off as you insert it.

    How do you jam it down into the media without snapping off the little jets? Do you just work it back and forth gently as you lower it?
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    Do you know what model it is? That can help with finding a method for cleaning as well as seeing what we're dealing with lol (I know I'm a visual person! :p)
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    This is it pretty much exactly:
    BP2500 Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV
    And it's described here as an external pressurized filter with UV and backwash.
    Pond Filters
    My model is not new though.

    It has a backwash feature for regular cleaning (which I do) but needs to be disassembled for cleaning.
    (I don't use the UV. Never bothered to see if they still have compatible bulbs.)