Cleaning Algae Off Silk And Plastic Plants

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by bd323, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. bd323

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    I'm going to remove these plants and clean them. Do we have any suggestions on how to clean them? Bleach, vinegar, peroxide and what ratio. I'm looking for the safest approach with good results.
  2. kallililly1973

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    You can put them in a pail and add peroxide or you can run hot water over them till it turns a reddish color. What kind of algae is growing?
  3. NavyChief20

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    Soft bristle toothbrush
  4. OP

    bd323New MemberMember

    Brown algae making fake plants dull and dirty. Tank is clear as I do a weekly 15 gallons water change and gravel vac of my 55 gal corner tank. I have a aquatop canaster filter with us light and clean it maybe every 6 weeks with tank water. All inhabitants are doing fine. About 24 fish total fish most small approx 3" tetra varieties, Cory cats, and 2 goraminies. Have 3 African claw frog and everyone gets along fine.
  5. Islandvic

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    I will throw any algae covered decor in a 5-gallon bucket and rinse off thoroughly.

    The I will add a small amount of bleach and fill the bucket with water for a soak.

    After a 15-20 min soak, everything gets rinsed again and the same bucket is refilled with fresh water and I add dechlorinator to it for another soak.

    This will remove the remainder of the bleach.

    I previously used Seachem Safe to dechlorinate bleached items. Now the Safe (powdered Prime) is only used for tank water and I use sodium thiosulfate crystals for bleached items.

    I have found by controlling nitrates and phosphates, it greatly reduces algae growth.
  6. Rofish

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    I would use Hydrogen Peroxide rather than a Chlorine bleach to soak the ornaments. Hydrogen Peroxide converts to water in a short time - so a dechlorinator would not be necessary as I understand (but I am not a chemist). But I would still thoroughly rinse the ornaments and soak them in water for an hour or two.