Cleaning after columnaris


Hi! I unfortunately had about 4 fish die from what I believe was columnaris. Started with an otto with white fuzz on nose. Water parameters were fine, quarantined him and he died. I had 2 peacock gudgeons, that ended up dying I think a week apart. Suddenly stopped eating and died within hours. After the first one died, I got another as it was a pair and she seemed lonely. She got sick suddenly within a few days and died as well, same as the first. This new fudge on came to me with a tiny white spot on his face, being new I assumed he just looked like that. Maybe a day after my other gudgeon died, his lips turned white and he died later that night. Weird thing is, I have one Otto that has survived the whole thing. He’s been fine since my last gudgeon died, and is the only inhabitant besides the snails. My question is, I’ve heard online that after a columnaris outbreak you are supposed to clean the tank really well, but what if you still have an inhabitant? I don’t want to get new fish as I don’t want them to get sick, but how do I clean this tank and make it healthy for other fish with an Otto in it? I don’t have another tank thank you in advance

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