Cleaning a used canister filter?


I recently got a used canister filter from a home with smokers (didn't realize it at the time).

I'm probably just going to replace the tubing, but for the canister itself, the intake, and the spray bar, what would be the best way to clean them? I was thinking of setting up a small tank with diluted bleach water, and running the filter on that tank for a while, and then running water with a heavy dose of dechlorinator to rinse it out, followed by letting it sit out and dry for at least several days to allow the chlorine to evaporate away.

Would this be a good way to thoroughly clean out the filter's insides?


I would go with something along the lines of oxy clean and dish soap. Bleach alone without scrubbing won't do much with the residue. You could also run the waterproof parts through a dishwasher with detergent and then again without detergent but add vinegar and then rinse it and dry it like you mentioned.
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