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    ok...I am getting some really mixed advice, but seem to trust you all more than my local aquarium store. I think they are giving me really bad advice, just to make me buy more when something goes wrong. They keep telling me I only need to change water every 3-4 weeks about 50%water change, but everyone here way. 10-15% water change weekly will help with my pH. My pH has been very high and the store has told me to buy this pH down drops (which I haven't done yet) all my other reading have been on the mark. Do you know when I should change the filter (is that monthly). I am new to this and have only had the tank up and running since the end of December so any advice would be great. I just want someone to give me some advice that doesn't require buying loads more of chemicals that seems unecessary and possibly harmful to the fish. Thanks for listening and the help... :-\
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    for a water change the big 50% is what i would do but its just personal preference
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    P.S. don't get the drops its better to have a stable Ph than a constantly changing one
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    If your tank is cycled (sorry, I can't remember), you can do water changes weekly.  That is my routine.  I change about 50% out and vacuum about half the gravel each week.  If your tank isn't cycled, don't worry about the water changes until it is cycled, and it is necessary for the health and life of your fish.

    Don't adjust the ph with chemicals if possible.  Most fish will adapt just fine to your ph as long as you acclimate them slowly to the tank.  My ph is 7.6 out of the tap, and all my fish from angels to loaches to african cichlids are all doing fine.  You may want to check your ph level straight out of the tap and compare it to your tank reading.  You can also set a bowl of water from your tap out overnight and see if it goes up or down after coming out of your tap when you check it the next day.  If there is more than a .2 difference in ph, you may need to "age" your water before adding it to your tank so your fish won't get shocked with each water change.  Aging consists of putting your water into a bucket or barrel with an airstone or powerhead to circulate the water.  Also put a heater in this container and let it sit overnight with the airation.  This will allow it to "gas out" before putting it in your tank.  

    Don't change the filter until it gets clogged and your water flow is affected.  If you have a hang on back (HOB) filter, simply get a cheap plastic pitcher from WalMart (88 cents) and put some tank water in it.  Then simply swish the filter media in the tank water to rinse off the gunk and put it back in place.  Mine usually last about 6 months.   ;)  
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    thank you so much....I trust your word, honestly. It seems like most of the people working at the store are teenagers just looking for a job and they have all given me different advice. I didn't like the pH drops because it seems like all this time my fish have been fine.
    I did change the filter once already :mad: due to the advice of the aquarium store, it was pretty nasty but didn't know about the pitcher option then. Are these in the aquarium area at Walmart? This should help tremendously!!!

    Thanks again for all your help! I really appreciate it! ;D
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    The pitchers are regular water pitchers you can get anywhere. I just haven't seen them cheaper than 88 cents. I also like using pitchers because they have handles so you can hang them on the side of the tank you are working on, and you can use them for pouring water into your tank to top it off and also to help prime a HOB filter. My cheap pitcher is a necessity on weekly maintenance!
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    excellent I thought it was some aquarium lingo for a special doohicky for the aquarium...I actually have one of those cheap pitchers right here in the house that I don't use, but will be now! Great idea and won't have to track to walmart! Thanks again! Doing a water change today ;D
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    I use my pitchers for beer..... :D
  9. woodsplace1New MemberMember

    ...hopefully you clean them out first or the fish are really happy! just kidding ;D
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    That is a good use for them also! ;)