Clay tank, Ideas?

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5 to 10 years
As some of you know I'm taking ceramics this year and while my friend and I were talking about what to make since we finished all the required projects we came up with the idea of a clay tank. We asked our teacher and she said we could do it. So I was thinking, it would be a top viewing tank only so maybe as some ideas what to use it for if I made it here's what I have thought of.
1. small breeding tank
2. Dig a hole for it and put it out during the summer and put fish in it
3. make several of them and link them together
4. use it as a sump

Does anybody have anyother ideas? Any other ideas for what I could make for my tank too, I'v made a hiding place for my pleco and oto but I'm not sure if i'll use it or not, might look to unatural.



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I know it has been quite a while since you posted this but I just saw it and I don't know if this idea is good or not but I did once see a bird feeder made into a tank in a store once. It was top viewing only and housed a goldfis that would actually like it since it has a ton of surface area. I don't know if you could make a bird feeder. (it was a typical bowl shaped one on a matching ceramic pedestal) Anyway, it was really cool looking.
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