Claws missing!!

  1. SWfreshmen31 Member Member

    I think i made a big mistake. my emerald crab molted and i saw the real crab moving his legs on the rock and on the top was the molted body with the claws in the air. i took it out so it wouldnt rot in there and threw it away but today i noticed the crab didnt have any claws!!! he has been moving around the area where the molted body was. is he looking for it for his claws? was ii supposed leave the molt in there for him?
  2. steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    yes, after they molt they eater their shed exoskeleton for extra calcium, don't worry to much find something your crab can eat with extra calcium in it, and after awhile his/her claws will grow back- although it may take another molting or two, remember to leave it's exo in until he eats it again ;)

    also crabs are very soft and venerable after shedding just so you know.
  3. SWfreshmen31 Member Member

    oh ok thanks alot i feel so bad for him. but would he have taken those claws back?
  4. steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    sorry? taken the claws back.... from the exo? no i don't think so.