Classifieds (Buy, Sell and Trade, Free) RULES!

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FishLore Classifieds (buy, sell, trade, free, swap) Rules

Please be sure to read before posting here, and do not try to bypass the 50 post limit by using other sections of the forum or visitor messages. B/S/T should only happen in this section and in PM (both of which require 50 posts or more to use).

Do not post simply to jack your post count in order to use the b/s/t/f forum. This type of posting will likely be deleted and may result in actions against your account.

1.* Use this classified section (buy, sell, trade, swap) at your own risk.* This section of is merely the meeting place of buyers, sellers and traders. FishLore does not endorse any of the suppliers or traders in this classified section. By using this classified section, you acknowledge that can not be held responsible for any problems or issues between buyers, sellers and traders.* will not get involved in any way in disputes between parties.

2.* To prevent problems between parties in any transaction, please use a third party payment system such as PayPal to pay for your items.* Do not give out your credit card or debit card numbers to anyone!

3.* If you are under 18 years of age, you must have Parental permission to use this section.* Check with your parents or guardians before giving out ANY personal information such as your name, telephone numbers, home addresses, email addresses etc.

4.* For the more expensive items, it is recommended that Buyers and Sellers use a service such as Here's how it works:
* * - The buyer pays
* * - notifies the seller that payment has been received.
* * - The seller sends product to buyer.
* * - Buyer receives the product and if it is satisfactory, they inform
* * - releases payment to the seller.
* * - does charge a fee for the service.

5. This classified (buy, sell, trade, swap) section is intended for the use of forum members and not to be used by commercial enterprises.* If you have a commercial enterprise and want to advertise your goods or services please contact* for advertising opportunities.

6. Moderators will remove any posts that violate these rules and/or any posts that they feel are inappropriate.
7. Include the location of the item in the post title if needed. (for example, 100 Gallon Tank for sale - Chicago, IL) This will help those searching for local items.

8. Aquarium livestock (plants, fish, corals) and aquarium equipment related items only!

9. For buying, selling or trading your fish, and aquarium related items. Aquarium livestock (plants, fish, corals) and aquarium equipment only. This Buy/Sell/Trade board is for active members only. Members must have more than 50 posts to make a thread in this section. This is to help limit SPAM and members just signing up to sell stuff.

10. The BST forum is for FishLore members to buy/sell/trade with each other. No posts with links to external websites like craigslist, ebay, aquabid, etc. No YouTube Hitters are permitted.
It is NOT a sales channel for your business, unless you set something up where FishLore members exclusively get some kind of benefit from the deal. Contact a moderator before posting if you are unsure of the rules to get their approval.

11. No e-begging or making posts that could be perceived as asking for handouts, money, goods or donations from your fellow members.

12. Buyers and sellers are responsible for knowing applicable state and national laws. Fishlore is not responsible for any repercussion resulting from sale/purchase/shipment of restricted animals aquatic plants etc.

13. Pictures of items for sale/trade/free should be WYSIWYG (What you see if what you get).
Do not post stuff pulled off the net.

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Bumping this up.
Please keep in mind sending unsolicited private messages with external sales links to your business is considered spamming.


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