Clamped Fins For Seemingly No Reason?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Caite, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. CaiteNew MemberMember

    So I've had Farkas the Betta for about 3 months, and he's been a bit fickle lol. Right now he has clamped fins but no other symptoms besides lethargy, but that might be because it's so hard to swim with clamped fins... When I first got him he had fin rot that I hadn't noticed at the fish store I bought him at. So after about a month or two of changing 25-30% of his water every other day, he was finally getting better, his fins were almost regrown and everything. Then I had to go home for a week long break from school, so I took him with me in his tank. We made it home successfully and he lived in my bedroom at my parent's house for a week. In the last few days I noticed that his fins were starting to get shorter again, but there were no signs of fin rot, and the missing pieces looked like bites, so I assume he started biting his tail. We came back to the dorm and set up the tank again after the break and soon after he started clamping his fins. It's been a few weeks now and his fins are still clamped. I've kept up the 25-30% changes every other day (because his filter isn't cycled, I didn't know before I bought him) and he isn't getting any better. The last week or so he's been really lethargic, hanging around the bottom of the tank or behind decorations, he perks up and swims around a lot more for about an hour after I feed him and/or change his water, but after a while he's back in the same spot. He hasn't lost his appetite at all, he still eats like there's no tomorrow. If I didn't cut him off after 2-3 pellets he'd eat the whole container lol. He's in a 3 gallon tank with a filter, a heater, and a fake plant as well as a teacup to hide in. He seems to have trouble swimming because of his clamped fins, but I can see no reason for his fins to be clamped >_>
  2. Sushi'skeeperValued MemberMember

    Can you please post some pictures? Also, what temperature is his tank currently heated to?
  3. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    How do you know your tank isn't cycled? Are you testing your tank? I suspect your Ammonia level is too high. Even with the water changes. You need to test your water.
  4. Jordan5683New MemberMember

    I agree. What are the levels in the tank?
  5. CaiteNew MemberMember

    I'll have to post pictures next time I'm on my computer, but his tank is kept at 80 degrees. I forgot to check his parameters before I changed his water, and I did a 30% water change about two or three hours ago, so these are readings from his clean water:
    Nitrates - 0
    Nitrites - 0
    Ammonia - either 0ppm or 0.25ppm, the color is somewhere between those two on my drop test, leaning more towards 0 than .25, but I can't really call it straight up 0
    pH - somewhere between 7.2 and 7.8

    I'll admit I don't always remember to test his tank, but last time I did (about a week ago, life has been busy lol) the strips showed .5ppm nitrites, and that was the first time I'd seen them. His tank has been running with the filter for about 2 1/2 months, maybe 3. Should I change out more water?

    I figured out how to get pictures up! lol
    I've noticed that he becomes more active when I open the lid, he swam up and seemed interested in what I was doing when I was testing his water. He seems to want to know what's going on outside his tank, when he's not laying on the bottom, but once he goes down there he doesn't move much till I touch the tank near him or open the lid.

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  6. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    Do you have any Seachem Prime and (optionally) Seachem Stability? Seachem Prime will detoxify the water for 24 hours. Stability is bottled bacteria.

    This is what I would do. Do a 75% water change the next time you change it. Make sure you are dechlorinating your water for the full tank volume. Then add some sort of bottled bacteria to your filter. (I prefer Stability, but use what you can. If you choose Tetra Safe Start you should wait 24 hours after your dechlorinator.) 24 hours after you do the water change/bottled bacteria, test your water. And see where you are. For a dechlorinator I recommend Prime. It dechlorinates, detoxifies, and adds a stress coat all in one product. Perfect when you are having cycling issues with fish in your tank.

    Once you have done those things. See where you are. I suspect not having a truly cycled tank is what is stressing out your fish. Not necessarily one aspect, but all of it combined.

    Edit: you aren't throwing away your filter each time are you? Don't ever throw your filter media away unless absolutely necessary. Your nitrogen cycle (beneficial bacteria) lives in your filter media. Also never rinse your filter media in tap water. Always use old tank water or dechlorinated water.

    Wow his fins are a bit of a mess. I wish I could help with that part. I have no experience with fish illness. I can cycle a tank like nobody's business, because I failed at it so many times. I am pretty new to fishkeeping the right way lol
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  7. CaiteNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the tips! I'll get some of the products you suggested when we go home again this coming week. I haven't touched his filter since I installed it other than turning it on and off for water changes, so no, I haven't been cleaning the media or anything.

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