Circulation Pump and Neon Tetras

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    Is a circulation pump too much water movement for neon tetras? I have a Koralia Circulation and Wave Pump with a flow rate of 425 gph in a 10 gallon tank (I know, the tank size is not ideal for neons.). My neons (6 total) are brand new to the tank, so that may be why they currently like to "hide" in the corner under the pump as they're still adjusting to the new tank. But I'm also wondering if the current is too strong for them. When they do swim out in the open, they cannot stop swimming without drifting back in the current... This sounds worse than it is. They aren't swept backward, but they just slowly move back and have to swim again to gain ground.

    When I originally did research on neons it sounded like having a current was similar to their natural environment in the wild, but I just wanted to double check and see if anyone had any experience or advice on this.

    Thank you!
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    If your fish are being blown around the aquarium by the current, then there is too much current. If there is a smaller circulation pump available, you may want to consider switching it out for the lower powered one.