cichlids? 20 Gallon Tank

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  1. bass master

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    Ive recently got my tank back up and running, and currently I have it cycled with 3 small livebearers, I kinda wanna switch it over to cichlids though. Are there any kinds of cichlids commonly available that will fit into 20 gallons or maybe even 15 gallons (other than convicts)? Id like to keep my tank divided so I can keep a betta on one side, which would knock the total size down to 15. I know Id have to return the livebearers but it really doesnt make much of a difference to me.
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  2. Shawnie

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    other than some dwarf cichlids like shell dwellers and rams maybe, not much can go into a 20g for cichlids..especially if you happen to get a breeding pair...and to divide it for a betta, there will be much less space as you will have to keep the water line lower so the betta doesnt jump over...and the divider itself will take up more space...IMO , no it wont work :( wait for others to see their opinions though !
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    bass master

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    Thanks for the quick reply, didnt really think it would work, just wanted to make sure
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    I have a pair of rams in my 20 and I love them. They have a lot of personality!
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    Hey another Hoosier. Howdy.
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    The tank is to be split though, which would make it too small. A whole 20gal is minimum for a pair of Rams. They are great fish though.:)
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    the tank is currently split, I had a betta, it died from a bacterial infection brought from a new fish I plan on getting a quarantine tank because of the whole incident, I could easily take out the divider. Ill check into the rams, thanks for the advice fishlock holmes