Cichlids-why cant everyone just get along

ive only had my tank a few weeks and only discovered this site a few days ago so sorry if I am posting a lot of problems but I bought a cichlid last week (a jack dempsy x convict) and he is about 2cm's and today I bought another of the same breed who is very slightly smaller than him and within a minute the one I bought last week started chasing him around has been going on for there any way of stopping them is this natural? I have a 2 foot by 2 foot tank considering they're size the tank is quite large thought that them noth being tiny babies that they would befriend each other considering they're in a community tank of large silver sharks a betta and 2 large this a get to know them thing or hostility thing??? will they ever get along I know its only early days.......
very confused needing help
I'm not an expert on these fish, others here are, but from what I've read, they are not compatable. Good Luck!
it is natural but they will probably beat everything else in your tank up.I don't think you will be able to keep them very long.sorry to have to tell you that but you don't want to get your other fish hurt.
how many gallons did you say your tank holds? from the fish you listed (sharks, betta, and angels) in a 2 foot x 2 foot tank you may have your tank overcrowded already. you may want to list your fish with the size in gallons of your tank and get some advice on the fish you have before you add more. You wouldn't want to add more than you can keep.

hope your little guys are okay.

I agree with everyone else. And also u should probably get a cichlid tank if u want cichlids its not recamended that they are in a community tank. Hope that helps.

Sometimes when you add new fish to a tank with fish already in it, territory issues arise. Jack Dempseys and convicts can both be quite the butt heads when they want to be. If your convicts are a mated pair, you will be having serious issues in that tank when they start breeding. I would keep a close eye on the jack dempseys and if one gets injured, then it's time to take one out of the tank. As Chickadee mentiontioned, you have other fish in that tank besides just the cicliids. You may have to start another tank if your convicts and J.D.'s become too aggressive for your other fish.
Correct me if I read your post wrong but did you say your new fish is a Jack dempsey-Convict Hybrid? And the second one is of the same mix? Wasn't aware these two would interbreed but.......Both of those can really be aggressive fish and to mix the two is just asking for trouble.
Personally I would return them to whoever you got them from since your tank is pretty much stocked and depending on the size of the tank over stocked.
If you insist on keeping them, try moving the decor around that may break territories up and force everyone to reclaI'm a place for them selves. But watch out for your fish because there's going to be some battering going on and you may even lose fish. Sorry I couldn't be more encouraging.

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