Cichlids Very Stresseed Help

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    Hey there, I have a bunch of African cichlids in a 36G bowed front aquarium. they've been in the tank for about a week now. I have a 30-60G filter running with 2 heaters in the tank (one 30G heater and a 13G heater) and I also have an air pump going. The pH is between 7.8 - 8.2. There's no chlorine in the water, and I don't think theres any ammonia, because the fish have only been in the tank for a bit and the filter is powerful. haven't checked the nitrate/nitrites, the hardness of the water is between 120-180.
    I have 5 electric yellow cichlids (3 males and 2 females unfortunately), 2 interruptus (1male1female), a mystery fish(too small to tell what it is, may be acei), and I just bought 3 new aratus cichlids recently. all the fish are between 3-4 inches.

    The fish were kept in a 29G tank for about a year. they thrived in that tank and bred like crazy, loved to see me, swam around a lot, and interacted with each other with no problems. I was given this 36G tank and let it cycle for a week. once I moved the fish in the tank, they were so happy; swimming, eating, asserting dominance as they do.

    Then my pleco got bloated and I put melafix in the tank to help him (he died, still don't know 100% why) and the fish started acting weird. I did a 25% water change and added the filter cartridges back, eliminated the melafix from the tank. They still are acting weird and its been a whole week now: not eating, hiding in the rocks, the yellow ones are completely stressed and have lots of black on them. I've added salt to help with any parasites or diseases and nothing has happened. not a single fish in this tank is eating- they are getting skinny! :( I don't know what do do or what it is. is it some form of parasite or are the water parameters off?

    help is appreciated!!! :D I can attach pictures of the tank if need be :)
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    Did you instant cycle the new tank? using the bacteria rich media in your power filter from the old tank. If not, you are essentially doing a fish-in tank cycle. The cichlids are probably suffering due to an ammonia spike. There are links to fish-in cycling sites on this forum.
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