Cichlid tank

Does anyone on here do cichlids? I have always wanted to have a tank of cichlids but am not sure what kinds to put together. I like the multis, Rams and peacocks. I want a colorful tank but don't want to mix together fish that are going to fight and kill each other. Can anyone help me.??? Am updating my profile to what tanks I have right now.
I love cichlids! I have a 10 gal. with 5 multies, a 55 gal. angel tank, and a 100 gal. oscar tank. Cichlids rock! You have to decide what type of cichlids you are interested in, and then check for compatibility. The general rule is don't mix african cichlids with new world cichlids, but there are exceptions. I'm thinking about splitting up my angels and putting some kribs in with them.
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