cichlid tank size

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    seamount Valued Member Member

    Hello, I am planning out a cichlid tank and I am wondering what size tank I should get. I dont want to go over 70 because I live in a small apartment. I was thinking something between 50 and 70. I am also thinking about getting peacocks but there are many others I would love. Havn't figured that out. What do you think is a good tank size that won't be too limited to what I can get but isn't massive. (I need a tank I can move from place to place occasionally)
  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi and welcome. If you have a tank 50-70 gallons and you use rock and shell for the substrate, you will not be able to move the tank. If you are thinking of getting mbuna, the bigger the better, so as close to 70g as you can get. :)
  3. OP

    seamount Valued Member Member

    I know. It would be a big move. It may just be a couple times. Ive moved many tanks but it will be do-able. Okay, thanks. I will try that. What about peacocks and other cichlids?
  4. TheCoolFish

    TheCoolFish Valued Member Member

    Peacocks and labs are a good mix along with some Malawi cichlids.

    I would go with 55g. Provide lots of rock caves and hiding spaces and try not to go over 15 cichlids.

    My 55g dimensions are (these are from the top of my head) 48L x 24H x 18 W.

    Cheese is good but cichlids are cooler!