75 Gallon Tank Cichlid tank over run with babies


The 75 gallon cichlid tank is full of babies. I have a bunch of mouth brooders and my tank is getting over run with babies there is a local fish store that isn't petco i tried to give them to but they wouldn't take them because they weren't two inches yet and transporting young fish is always a risk but there are getting to be to many of them and i need to reduce the amount of fish in that tank and as of right now my only other option would be to put the babies in a tank with my crawfish and i rather not do that anyone know how to keep these fish from making anymore babies?


If youre giving them to the shop, the shop has nothing to lose as far as transporting babies so that makes no sense, unless theyre feeding you a line because they dont want them. If you cant deal with the fry and cant give them away then you need to euthanize them and separate the adults. You literally have no options. Its not like you can get your fish "fixed" so they can live together.

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