Cichlid Suggestion For 15 Gallon Question

Discussion in 'African Cichlids' started by albertasfinest, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Good afternoon folks
    So, I'm in the midst of setting up/cycling a 15 gallon long (24"L x 12"D x 12"H) planted low-tech (for now) tank, and from the research I've done, I would love to try my hand at a cichlid tank (have had multiple community freshwater tanks in the past), and have started to become quite fond of cichlids.

    From the research I've done for some of the smaller species that are common at my LFS, it sounds like most would require a 20gal +. Was looking for a few suggestions from the more experienced cichlid keepers if there are any suitable species that would thrive in my size of tank. My tank isn't fully set up yet either, so I would add the appropriate substrate/plants/etc based on which species I settle on getting.

    With that being said, I realize that the tank would most likely have to be a species-only tank, which is totally fine, but curious if there are any cichlids that are somewhat peaceful as well so I could possibly add some otos/corys/shrimp/snails, etc, etc maybe in the future, if it won't overcrowd the tank (but not without doing the proper compatibility/tank compatibility research first tho!)

    Many thanks for your time!
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    Sorry, I should have specified - I was curious if there were anything suitable that weren't the shell-dewller type. Sorry about that
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    How about Badis Cichlids?
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    Ah okay.. I do have them on my "possibilities" list Thank you! I'll look into them for sure!