Cichlid Stocking

  1. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Hi again aquanatics.

    If this question has already been asked can you point me in the direction of the answer? If not can you answer for me?

    How "overstock" can I make my 75 gallon Mbuna tank? I know we should overstock it but what does that mean exactly?

    If I calculated correctly I am one short of the exact number of fish I should have with the 4" per gallon. But that is what they should have.

    The key word here is "should"

    Do you awesome cichlid fans have an opinion on this matter? I would like to hear both sides if you don't think too many is a good idea and from those who think it's a good idea. And overall if I'm right or wrong with what I hear.

  2. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Where did you hear 4 inches per gallon? That is not a good rule at all.

    What do you have right now?

    @fissh may be able to help as well.
  3. JoeEse7en Member Member

    I have 17 mbunas in the 75 with a good amount of rock.

    And I had read it somewhere as I was doing research.
  4. fissh Well Known Member Member

    Wow, 4 inches per gallon! The average mbuna gets between 4" and 5", so lets round it off to 4.5 inch. So your 75 gallon would hold 66 adult mbuna. I would stop reading any info on that site :eek: I like to overstock all my tanks, especially Africans!! In a 75 gallon I'd put between 30 and 40 fish and if you go as high as 40 you better have lots of filtering and be willing to do 50% to 60% water changes every 5 to 7 days. The pictures I'm posting are of a 360 gallon that has around 160 to 175 DSCN4453.JPG DSCN4888.JPG DSCN5150.JPG DSCN4454.JPG fish. Between filters and circulation pumps it has a 6752 gph flow rate. I only do a 60% to 70% water change every 2 weeks. It's about $2000 worth of filters, so if you hate water changes you can throw money at it to be lazy like me :;bananawater
  5. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Wow ok. I actally counting it as 75 divided by 4. So that gave me 18. I can surely do 25-30. I wasn't expecting 40! Thank you Fissh. Again I love your tank.
  6. fissh Well Known Member Member

    So your formula is 1/4" per gallon, that's a real safe amount! 40 fish is the extreme, 30 is a safe amount in a 75 gallon. I just thought anybody that lives in Kumohnuhwanalaya, TX would like the extreme :rolleyes: Next time I'm in Tunatown, TX On sales calls I'll stop by your place and buy you lunch :;bananabeer
  7. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Lol...ok. that's a date. I wouldn't mind picking your brain for more cichlid facts and ideas actually good sir.
  8. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

  9. JoeEse7en Member Member

    HI @Lance0414 so I have 4 yellow labs, 4 snow whites (this is what called em) but I highly suspect that they are just albino scofilofis. 4 yellow top Mbamba, 2 white tail acei, 1 ochre, 1 chailosi, and 1 elongatus usisya. Now I can add more chailosi and usisyas and aceis knowing I can add another 13 to my tank. I really honestly want some OB zebras like @fissh has those are gorgeous.
  10. fissh Well Known Member Member

    I have 25 to 30 types of fish in the 360. I never went for rare ones, just colorful and affordable. If you like ob zebras or ob peacocks you should keep an eye out on CL, That's where I got a lot of my fish. DSCN4704.JPG DSCN4720.JPG DSCN4933.JPG DSCN4974.JPG DSCN4958.JPG DSCN4975.JPG DSCN5061.JPG
  11. JoeEse7en Member Member