Cichlid pellets?

Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by vasqua03, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Are these necessary? I have a female convict that I purchased about 1 week ago. She is amazing. She completed my stocking for my 30 gallon with 4 tiger barbs and one BN Pleco. I feed the fish every day or every other day. Rotation consists of Wardleys' tropical fish flakes, Hikari sinking and algae wafers, topfin freeze dried tubifex, san francisco bay frozen bloodworms and currently working on hatching brine shrimp using packets form the same company.

    Question is: do I need to buy cichlid specific food? What is the difference? Convict will come to top to eat and will eat from bottom as well.
  2. Dino

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    Pellets add bulk to the diet, just like humans need fiber to do well.
    Other than that, looks like you have things going well.
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    make sure not to overfeed
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    I would switch out that wardley's food (junk food) for a high quality pellet for sure. NLS makes fantastic food.
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    Good morning,

    Agreed with members above. I would ditch the flakes and substitute with pellets. I like NLS foods too. You can check them out at Ken's Foods in the link below. Great site, prompt service, reasonable prices, and great fish foods:

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    Thanks everyone for the input. So i take it I can feed the pellets to my other fish too. I will get the smallest ones. I am sure my barbs and tetras would like them too, they aren't picky.
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    1 mm is a good size - eventually you'll want to get a container of 2 mm for the con and pleco, though they can eat the smaller pellets just the same.

    It's best to feed them the staple food every day. If you want to give them anything else, do it as a second feeding, not as a replacement for the pellets.
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    Okay so I picked up a small jar of the NSL 1mm community pellets. My tiger barbs love it but my convict won't eat them. She will pick them up in her mouth and then spit them out and then they sink and hide in the decor, I am starting to worry about water pollution. Should I vacuum them out after feeding or just hope my BN pleco eats them? I haven't noticed any of the fish take interest in picking up food from in between the gravel

    She will also steal the Pleco's algae wafers and sinking wafers.