Cichlid Dying? Help

  1. Cuz04 Initiate Member

    Uknown cichlid, maybe demasoni, hanging out under filter n very inactive. Was boss til a couple of days ago, now he does much of nothing except float behind filter @ top. Treated tank last week using fungus guard. Noticed large white spots on 1. Couldn't quarantine due to lack of hospital tank. So treated entire tank. That demasoni? is happy n healthy again, now the other one is sick. Both came from same pet shop n are the only 2 I've had any problems with. No visible signs of anything wrong either. All other fish in tank are fine. What can be wrong n how do I fix?
  2. Beeker Well Known Member Member

    More info would be very helpful.

    What are your tank stats?
    What size tank
    How long has it been running
    What fish and how many

  3. Cuz04 Initiate Member

    Tank is a 60 gallon. 48x13x25. Tank about 2 months old. NO3-40.NO2-3. pH-7.8. KH-120. GH-160. Ammonia- .03. Temp 78*. Other fish are 2 yellow labs, 2 acei, n another demasoni?.. The sick one and the other are the same type. ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1405479506.148762.jpg

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  4. Beeker Well Known Member Member

    Did you cycle your tank?

    You shouldn't be showing any ammonia or nitrites if your tank has cycled.

    Do a 50% water change to get your levels lower. They are at unhealthy levels for your fish.

  5. Cuz04 Initiate Member

    Ok will do water change. Had sum1 set up tank n was told tank had cycled n was ready, but apparently it is still cycling, right. That fish was the last one put in the tank, a lil over 3 weeks ago. Why would it just now be showing symptoms? N y aren't the others affected?

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  6. Beeker Well Known Member Member

    Just like some people have more severe allergies than others because they are more sensitive to pollen, some fish are more sensitive to the water parameters than others. That does not mean that the others are not affected. Just because they appear to be fine doesn't mean they aren't suffering from the unhealthy water conditions. They just hide it better.
    Please learn about the nitrogen cycle.
    It is nice that somebody else was willing to set up your tank for you, but you still have to know about the fish that are depending on you for their livelihood and how to keep their environment healthy.
  7. Cuz04 Initiate Member

    Nm. Fish dead. Came home from work, he looked a lil better, but looked bloated. Checked on him b4 I went to pet store. When I got back, he had swam into the lil tiki hut looking thing that he always goes in n died. Don't know if he died from being sick, or because he was too big now to turn around n drowned. Was already having trouble breathing. Ammonia n nitrates down a bit since water change. That and I used Prime this time instead of store brand they sold me on. Thnx 4 all da input though ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1405564751.426510.jpg

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  8. Cuz04 Initiate Member

    RIP Fishy!!!

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