Cichlid Care?

  1. Tinker Betta

    Tinker Betta Well Known Member Member

    Okay so i broke down and bought another 10 gallon (for now). My husband wanted to keep this little guy. How in the world is he supposed to be cared for? Do you use water conditioner? What else? I have mini pellets for him. How many times a day should i feed him? How much should he eat? Like, i need to know EVERYTHING for a healthy happy cichlid!
  2. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    Bad news - in a 10 gallon, he may live for a couple of weeks at most.

    Head to a library and start checking out the fish books to get an overview, After, you can use the Internet for specific questions. You have a fish that will become way too large very quickly, and that needs a tank 5 times the size of what you have.
  3. OP
    Tinker Betta

    Tinker Betta Well Known Member Member

    Well ill upgrade in a couple of days when i get paid, but what all do i need for him? I got him as a tank mate (got confused on my info) and realized he most definitely cant house with my bettas lol. Please help.

    Im asking on here cause the internet will say 1 thing, and then say another, so i want my info from people who actually know a little something about them.
  4. david1978

    david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    Im not the best with iding fish. What exactly is it?
  5. fishychachki

    fishychachki Valued Member Member

    A juvenile flowerhorn right? I'll guess 75- 90g for a single fully grown adult. Maybe doable in a 55g for now though idk for how long; always best to just keep fish in a tank that can accomodate it well as adult. How long is it?
  6. Lion

    Lion Valued Member Member

    ^Yep a Flowerhorn, possibly a low grade Red Dragon strain.
    And to answer your care question. To keep him happy 'for now'. They do prefer to be kept in warmer temperatures around 26.5°C to 30°C (80-86°F). Best with no tankmates at all unless very large tank, will fiercely attack any fish.
    Water conditioner in terms of a dechlorinator? This will be needed like any other fish when adding in tap water to the tank.
    Feeding goes as Flowerhorns are strict Carnivores and are easy to over and underfeed, the mini pellets you have are fine for a staple diet. Best to feed around 3-4 pellets, twice daily since "he" is still young. Would appreciate the odd treat like Bloodworm to give a varied diet.
    But as already suggested the bigger the tank as soon as possible, the better.
  7. OP
    Tinker Betta

    Tinker Betta Well Known Member Member

    About 2 to 2 1/2 inches right now.

    Awesome! Thank you very much! Why does the black vertical stripes fade to where he gets kind of pale, and then get dark sometimes?
  8. Lion

    Lion Valued Member Member

    He's just slightly stressed because he's settling in. Many fish especially cichlids change colours depending on their mood and when adjusting to a new tank. His colours should even out when's he becomes more relaxed in a few days or so.
    I have a Chocolate Cichlid which are known for varying their colours frequently from greenish/red to dark brown when stressed and light brown when curious.
  9. tyguy7760

    tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    Read up on the nitrogen cycle if you aren't already familiar with keeping fish properly. A 55 gallon will do for a time but ultimately it will likely need a 75g for life.
  10. Mike1995

    Mike1995 Well Known Member Member

    because a flowerhorn or really any cichlid for that matter don't belong in a 10 gallon tank. Avoid buying fish that you don't know how to care for. Especially one like you have. people here have experience with these fish. Cichlids can live about as long as a dog or cat. So be prepared to care for it in the long run. You need a 75-100g. A variety of pellets. Personally for my fish i use omega one, hikari, and new life spectrum. you probably would be best off with a canister or big hob for this guy once he grows.