Cichilds? Turtles with fish? Or large school of little fish?

  1. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Im getting a 55 gallon (he thinks its 55, i can get measurements when its actually in my front room) and im trying to figure what to put in it.

    What kind of fish can live with a turtle? My local store is getting ready to have yellow belly babies in stock.

    I originally wanted cichilds and i can buy baby mbunas for 2.99 a piece! I was thinking 20 total because im supposed to overstock a little. How can I add these to tank? All at once or in batches. They are 1 inch in size, baby mbunas :) if i go this route can any sand work or does it need to be something like crushed shells or crushed coral? Because that stuff is ridiculously expensive. I have several diy cave ideas, from 4 way pvc connectors to upside down tubberware with a hole in the side, and im decorating them with pea gravel and river stones (left over substrate from other tanks).

    I also considered getting a ton of rummy nose tetras or fancy guppies. Something for the kids to enjoy, seeing lots of little fish. Or a variety of platys or mollys. Just as many different colors as i can buy.

    Thanks for any tips!
  2. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

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  3. katiemorrison94 Member Member

    I wouldn't put any fish with turtles. When I had turtles I feed them feeder fish. That's what turtles eat, fish!
  4. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    I thought maybe they were herbivores haha.

    Im not sure i can commit to a turtle, so ill probably stick with fish. Ive had my heart set on mbuna mix. Liveaquaria has smalls for 2.99 on sale! Originally 4.99 i believe. Im hoping someone with cichlid knowledge can guide me towards doing this correctly :)
  5. katiemorrison94 Member Member

    I ended up bringing my turtles to a friends heated pond where them feed them everyday. They get so messing and it's extremely had to keep their tanks clean. That wouldn't be healthy for any fish that you would have put in there.
  6. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Yea Im not going to do turtles. Just fish :)
  7. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Id personally go with loads of plants, and loads of nano fish! Get as many as your budget can allow! Only get like, the minimum schooling amount plus 1 or 2 for each species so you can have a major variety. That's what I'd love!
  8. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Nano fish? My daughter wanted guppies but i made her get Dalmatian mollies instead. I wanted to try community tank with our betta but changed my mind so the Betta is in a 10 gallon and the mollies are in 30. Id like to rehome the mollies, i only have 3 but i don't have enough filtration or something because I'm having to do 2 or 3 50%water changes a week to keep my water clear. I ordered a 2nd filter but it's still shipping from Hong Kong.

    I like rummy nose tetras, are those nano fish?