Cichild/Crayfish idea...

Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by Marinero, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. MarineroValued MemberMember

    :D Here's and idea for tank mate compatible with African Cichilds: Crayfish! Go to your local lake, pull out a couple of Crawdads (that's what we call them in the NW) and toss em in the tank with the African Cichlids and hopefully the crayfish could fend for themselves! And hopefully it's legal to pull em out of a lake and into your tank! ;D
  2. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    And if your cichlids are small enough the crawdads(thats what we call them also) will kill them and you will have a crawdad tank ;) Gotta watch compatability guys ;D
  3. DinoFishlore VIPMember

    Either the crayfish hassel the Africans or vice versa.

    Not a winning combo.

  4. MarineroValued MemberMember

    Any suggestions for bottom feeder tank mates for African Cichlids? :-\
  5. dano569Valued MemberMember

    lace cats ;) ;D
  6. DinoFishlore VIPMember

    Or any of the medium to large pleco cats.

  7. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    What size tank were you thinking of using?
  8. MarineroValued MemberMember

    :-\ I'm still gathering information but leaning towards a 30g w/ 6 or 7 Africans with a small bottom feeder. I understand the africans get 4-6 inches and accordign to   it's a good idea to 'control crowd' your tank and 'overfilter.' I hear the africans aren't as messy as the oscar for example. Anyway, that's where I am now. I might be open to a 45 g or 55g but that might be a strech until I get a bigger place later in '06. :-\
  9. dano569Valued MemberMember

    a friend of mine recently bought a 40 gallon long and he has a bunch of mbunas in's as long as a 55,but is not as tall.i like it because it's less of a reach to fix things on the bottom.just a suggestion. ;)