Chromis vs Damsel Question

  1. iZaO Jnr Well Known Member Member

    Hey guys

    I was wondering, why is green chromis called chromis? Isnt it the same as a damselfish or are they different completely? If so, how?

    I know damsels are notorious for their aggression, so whats the deal with chromis?
  2. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    They are in the Damsel family however are not as aggresive and passive but I don't recommend them because they can be sometimes aggresive to certain types of fish and not like damsels that over run the companied fish that are of a different species. Chromis are a type of fish that school in there enviroment and are in abundance in the ocean in there natural state. I guess what Iam saying is choose another fish that you have in your location that are a match to your desire of the fish you choose to house together. Not sure how much of a choice that you have but that is what we are here for!

  3. iZaO Jnr Well Known Member Member

    Thank you for that answer :)

    I was just asking, as i am learning all i can about the entire salt field. 29g FOWLR on the cards, but not until i feel ready and prepared enough :)
  4. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    I am very glad to here that, I wish everyone would do the same.

  5. iZaO Jnr Well Known Member Member

    Well i understand why so many people do rush it. Its not very easy to just sit by with nothing, especially if you become so involved. Luckily it wasnt financially viable for me to go through with it 6 months ago (i say luckily because i probably wouldve fallen into the same category), but in those 6 months ive read enough threads to see how easily it goes wrong when people do rush it.

    I went through the exact same thing with my first freshwater setup quite a while back, and looking at it now, im glad i did my research on it :):)
  6. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    :;toast It pay's off when you can do the right thing and not be lost and confussed, it does pay of big time to understand the whole measures of how to suatain a tank either fresh or salt.
  7. iZaO Jnr Well Known Member Member

    I think the only differences i see in SW compared to FW is

    1. Fish are more fragile
    2. You just need to be more patient, and wait longer

  8. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    It's more of knowing the water chemistry and maintaining them at natural ocean levels, that is the key in the sustainability of any salt water application. Also equipment plays a huge role in this area as well.