christmas tank

  1. wxohio88 Initiate Member

    I have a ten gallon freshwater tank. I just got a 37 gallon tank for christmas, I want to make this a saltwater. My question is, can I make the ten gallon a sump to increase it to 47 gallons overall and have my equipment in the lower tank? Also what all will I need to get started? I know the basics, but how do I need to clean the 10 gallon one?
  2. ATP Well Known Member Member

    Putting the 10 gal. won't make it a 47 gal. aquariums. You can make the 10 gal. into a sump, but it might be to small to put anything in it other than a return pump and a small skimmer.

    Would this be a reef, fish only, or fish only with live rock?

  3. wxohio88 Initiate Member

    I'm not sayin it will make the tank itself a 47 but a total of 47 gallon if something goes wrong it won't be as will be fish with live rock and then a reef later on
  4. Naeusu Member Member

    But it won't actually HOLD 10 gallons once you set the sump a 10 gallon converted tank it may only hold an extra 2 or 3 gallons. If you really want to do that then you need an overflow (makes water go into the sump) and a return pump....a 10 gallon is way too small to add in a refugium so you just need some acrylic (or glass) and some silicone.
  5. wxohio88 Initiate Member

    Should I just go with a wet dry system then??