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  1. OP

    DixieGyspy New Member Member

    He is still better. I think he's going to pull through. Not seeing much progress with fins but really seems like i gotta get pictures to compare and I wanted to leave him undisturbed for a bit but going to get a new picture during today's water change or tomorrow's. He is swimming so much better and definitely seems to be much more happier and active. He's been a lot of work stress and effort but so far it's been worth it. My oldest said I think I will be attached now he just needs a family who loves him. and she is now asking to be a betta rescue group
    I will get an updated picture soon. Thanks for everyone's help!! I think I have seen best results with the salt and melafix so I'm thinking of replacing melafix w the bettafix and continue the treatment you recommended this week.
  2. Elemental

    Elemental New Member Member

    Well I'm glad he is doing well and thank you for rescuing him :)