Chris's 37 Gallon - Just Like Nana Used To Make!


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Hey guys!

So, like many of you, I was brought into the aquarium hobby by a family member. For me, it was my nana - my grandmother. As a kid, I spent a lot of time at her house, and we had a few tanks for a long time - a 55 gallon community tank, a 29 gallon African Clawed Frog tank, and a 20 gallon catch-all tank. None of these tanks were well-kept by today's standards, but the fish did well for years at a time, and we really enjoyed it. That feeling of just enjoying a tank and not worrying about anything crazy (like dosing, light schedules, etc.) is what I'm aiming to create here. I'm a saltwater guy - I love high-tech tanks and tinkering. But my life is hectic right now, and I want this tank to be a chill thing to look at after a long day.

Now, I'll be detailing a lot of specifics in video format on YouTube, but this thread will be a good place to see the highlights of the tank. I'll post videos here, and give a brief explanation of what's going on in them for those of you who don't want to listen to me ramble!

Tank Equipment:
37 Gallon Extra-High Tank (Petsmart)
30" Hood/LED Light Combo (Petsmart)
55 Gallon Top Fin HOB Filter (Petsmart)
200W (?) Top Fin Heater (Petsmart)

1 Female Betta
6 Long-Finned Serpae Tetras
6 Cherry Barbs
3 Platies
1 Pearl Danio (to be re-homed)
1 Kuhli Loach (will either re-home or add more)
2 Peacock Eels (will be giving one up, and moving the other one to a bigger tank as needed)
1 Clown Pleco
3 Otocinclus

Different Varieties of Anubias
Java Fern Windelov
Different Varieties of Crypts
Amazon Sword
Aponogeton (this is the one I couldn't remember in the video!)
S. Repens

I used some Lowe's Pea Gravel for substrate ($5 for 50 lbs!), and threw in a piece of driftwood, and voila - we have an aquarium! An unplanted mess of one, but an aquarium, nontheless. The tank is 22" tall, and sits on the top rack of a 48" stand. I'm only 5' 7". See the issue? It's almost impossible for me to get into the tank and plant it. However, I'll be moving in a month or so, and I'll be building a shorter stand for this tank so that I can plant it.

The tank isn't stocked how I want, obviously. All of my freshwater fish went into this tank as I was combining aquariums in preparation for the move. I just rehomed a bunch of Giant Danios and larger fish, and am left with what I have in the tank, some of which still needs to be rehomed. After that, I'm considering adding in the following:

Future Additions:
5 Kuhli Loaches OR 6 Corydoras (undecided on species)
1 Electric Blue Acara OR 2 Bolivian Rams (even if I need to give the betta a new home)
3 Otocinclus

...and several plants. But, this tank has taken it's basic shape, I guess, so that's something!

FTS 5-31.jpg

Link to my video:

Thanks for the read!
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So, here's the first update on the betta from the video:

I moved her into a 10 gallon hospital tank last night and gave her a dose of Erythromycin. I repeated the dose, as directed, today. So far, not much (if any) improvement, although I have known it to take until the last dose is administered to really make a big difference. If Erythromycin doesn't take care of it, I also have some Kanamycin I can use, as I've found that to be effective in certain situations.

Video on the subject:

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