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Well I am setting up my old tank again and am considering whether to get a new filter.

(Old Tank)

At present it has a Juwel internal canister filter in it, which came glued (or siliconed) on inside of tank when I got it, as it came as complete aquarium set.

I have heard a lot of good things about the benefits of HOB filters here. So
would like one but wanted to get some opinions.

There is two negatives to me getting one which may not be too hard to resolve.

1. I have to detach the Juwel filter from inside aquarium, have to figure out how to do so. Anybody know how to do this?

This is old filter:
(if you click on 'instruction manual' it shows a pdf of how the filter is set up)

2. The aquarium came with fitted hood but I don't know if a hob filter can fit on back with the hood. How do all of you with hob filters put your hood over tank securely, does the hood need a gap at back or something?

This is hood
(Again there is instruction manual you can click on to see more info)

The positives of hob filter are many from what I understand such as plenty of filtration media, more room in tank, better filtration etc.

The two brands I have heard of mostly are aquaclear and fluval.

I was thinking an aquaclear 50 would be good (my tank is 18-20 US gallons)

What would be the same level of filtration in the fluval range?

What are the pros and cons of aquaclear and fluval

Fluval is in most pet shops here but really expensive and I don't think I have seen Aquaclear filters in shops here. I'd probably got either one online as usually cheaper and may be only option for Aquaclear!

Any advice and tips would be much appreciated

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aquaclears are the best
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1. If it's siliconed to the glass, you can use a razor blade and cut it away. Sliding it along the glass along the seam will separate it.

2. Our hoods have plastic backs that are cut to make the filter fit. Looks like your hood doesn't allow for you to cut anything. Hmmm.....
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why not keep your internal filter running? What is the problem you're experiencing with it?

I swithced from AquaClear to Aqueon for HOB filters. The "inside the tank" impeller design definitely won me over. Newest Tetra Whisper filters are designed this way too.

Santo Domingo
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Pepetj, No problem with the filter I have, I just thought since I was redoing my tank it'd be a lot easier to change filter now. It is not essential though. So it is ok if I can't do it. I did want to upgrade it as the aquaclear 50 example seems to be better than it.

Another reason is I was reading some of the advise on various threads about hob filters and how you can keep extra media in it, which appealed to me, as you can take it for quarantine/hospital (setting one up in next couple of weeks too) tank for instant cycling as you need it.

Jaysee, I checked the hood (it is plastic) and it has a 3 inch gap at back, what size are the filters, my father has various tools and soldering things (I don't know actual names of diy things!) so it may be possible to widen it.
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What is the size of the gap? L x W
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Gap is 8cm (3inches) length going across and 6cm (2.4inches) wide going down
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I would get a canister - I think that'll fit the best.
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Cool thanks, any particular recommendations?
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You don't have all the same products that we do..... What canisters are available?
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We have Fluval it is the main one available in store, I can order Eheim from UK.

I may be able to get other makes if I buy online.
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They will all do the job - there are people that recommend every canister out there....except marineland. For some reason, no one ever mentions them, good or bad.
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The filter housing on all juwels is suctioned, my question to you is why would you want to out the internal filter. Juwel make them like that for optimum water quality, also everything is tucked away nice and neat. I have always bought juwels and never felt the want to change the filter(to much hassle if you ask me. You can always upgrade the power head to a bio-flo super?

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Great, thanks a million for all the advise Jaysee and everyone, good to get info from other fish keepers rather than just the eager sales person.

The Fluval 205 looks good and I think it would be enough filtration for my 18-20g tank.

That's a good idea too Nick, I didn't think of that

I am going to look into all the options carefully.

Really appreciate all the ideas and help.

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205 will do a fantastic job.
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205 will do a fantastic job.

Yeah I really like it from what I read about it.

Have some money saved and it looks like a good investment.

I looked up Juwel site and looked up about getting more powerful pump but unfortunately any more powerful than original one don't fit in the juwel filter I have. They stated this on the info about the pumps. Was a really good idea though
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Was researching the Fluval 205 more and watched these videos on setting it up (all the 05 series) and maintaining.

They are very informative and easy to understand and would be useful for anyone who hasn't used a canister filter before or a beginner to fish keeping.

part 1

part 2

Really like how this filter works.

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