Cholla Wood and Water Hardness

Quick question:

I just put cholla in my tank with a nerite. I soaked it for a while before adding it to my 10g but didn't boil it (I like tannins in the water. I think it looks pretty and it makes my betta happy). However, it released more tannins that I expected. He's been fine with the Indian almond leaves in the tank, but this may have been overload. Does anyone know how cholla affects water hardness? I don't have a test for it, and it's a blizzard where I live right now, so I can't go out and buy one for the next few days.

I only ask because my nerite is on one of his nap days (he eats for about 4 days straight with short naps and then sleeps for an entire day), and he did something I've never seen before. He curled his face and a bit of his foot in for about 20 minutes before going flush against the glass again. He still hasn't woken up, though. Is he stressed out?

I know that true blackwater is not hospitable for snails, which is what this turned into and will likely be for a few weeks. I can put him in my tetra tank for a while until the tannins calm down and once I've been through a few water changes. I just don't want to move him if there's not a reason to.

As I understand it, the tannins from the wood will slowly eat at your KH. When that is depleted, it will begin to drive down your pH. Your GH should be mostly unaffected.

I don't know how much this would stress your nerite.

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