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I am pretty good when it comes to tropicals but I have absolutely NO experience with goldfish. If I were to get goldfish I would go for the fancy varieties cause the commons just get too big for my options. Does anyone have any preferences for any particular fancy variety? If so, why? I have always liked the ryukins, orandas, and black moors. Could you keep all these together?

If I were to setup a tank I would keep it unheated (with heater set aside just in case). It would probably stay around 68 in my house. The substrate would be sand and river rocks. I would want some plants. I know they eat them but was thinking of some thick leaved ones (like large anubias species) and having some anacharis floating on the surface for them to munch on. Any other plants that I could maybe pot and survive with these guys? How about a moss ball or two that they can play with, or eat? Anyone have any luck with any crypts or vals? I figure Vals grow so fast that maybe it's a good thing if the fish trI'm them. Will the unheated tank affect these in any way?

I was thinking of a bottom tankmate as well, with a sand substrate. Only options that I find doable are a dojo loach or a hoplo catfish. Anyone have experience combining these with goldies?


I love the nice round Oranda's. Problem with that is the rounder the fish, the more likely they are to have swim bladder problems. My next favorite would be fantails, and then moors. But really, I'm unbiased. I've got a little bit of everything

What size tank were you thinking of? I would suggest a 40 breeder (for 2-3) or a 75 gallon (3-5), due to the wide foot prints. Fancy goldfish are by no means agile, and since you plan to have live plants, they'll need that extra room to navigate without messing the plants up.

My current planted set up has various swords, crypts, aponogenton, wisteria (new, and still trying to keep it rooted), and windelov java fern. You want plants with thick, waxy leaves that root heavily. Otherwise they'll be torn up and eaten. You can try a moss ball, but many find they are $7 eatable toys. You can pot plants if you want. Doesn't look very nice, IMO, but some people like it.

I keep my heater set to 75, in the tank I even heat. It never comes on unless the house gets real cold, but its there lol The other tank I don't bother. I don't have a heater that size, nor does it really matter that much.

Whatever tank mates you get, make sure they can't be eaten. Goldfish may eat mainly plant products, but they will snatch up fish if they want to. My largest fantail has gotten probably a dozen small fish in the last several months. Stupid fish... -_- Quite honestly though, I keep my goldfish with plecos, a betta, platties, danios and mollies (wild and domestic).


I love all Goldie's, but my favorites are Ranchus, tosakins, lion heads and orandas. I keep ranchu and love their personality and gentle way of being. As AkarI mentioned, fancies are more prone to swim bladder issues due to deformities that won't come to fruition until later in age. Fancies also have a high bio load, so water quality is key to their overall health, 10x the filtration is recommended, also, large weekly water changes of 75%. With regards to diet, I highly recommend a high quality staple sinking pellet such as NLS or omega one or HikarI sinking goldfish pellets.

Substrate should be medium to large to avoid any issues blockages of your fishes throat. I personally recommend a bare bottom tank. Lastly, buy your goldies from a good quality breeder so you avoid any genetic and disease issues and remember to deworm as most fancies are pond bread and raised.

Goldie's are a lot of fun. Hope to see your new goldie set up soon.


IMO, Theres nothing quality about the SakI HikarI pellets (or any HikarI products), but they are formulated just for fancy goldfish and packed with digestive enzymes. If you were to ever get a fish with extreme food related swim bladder issues, it may be the only thing you can feed without causing more troubles for yourself and stress on the fish.


Orandas and moors are my favs.

I've currently got a couple types of sword and two moss balls in with my black moors. The one moss ball has about doubled in size since I first got it so it seems to be surviving their trimming attempts very well. The moss ball has even 'spread' itself by growing off of the lava rock wall and decoractions. Not very ball-like but it does add something ;D The pennywort I had in there is almost gone. Mainly because they keep digging it out then anything else though


My ryukin is definitely my favorite. She's very rambunctious, active, acrobatic, and downright hilarious to watch, plus her coloration is very pretty (calico). I suppose it just depends on what you like more, but that is my personal choice. They are okay to keep with orandas, but black moors may have problems finding food with the non-"eye problem" goldfish like fantails, orandas, ryukins, ranchus, etc. They are best kept with other black moors and telescope eye goldfish. They won't be able to see the food as quickly, at least that's what I've been told. I've also heard orandas eventually need their wens trimmed, is that true...?


I keep my Moor and telescopes with other goldfish. My telescope even has one eye and she gets along fine. The only time she has had trouble is when my one male fantail that is 3 times her size tried to make babies with her. Pushed her all over The tank and she's not coordinated enough to get away. That phase is over thankfully. But she's always first to the food has about trippled in size since I got her about 6 months ago. Really it's the one with the weird eyes you need to keep alone: bubble eyes, celestial eyes, and the like. However, every fish is individual.

Not all Orandas need their wen trimmed. This is very rare, in fact. The only time it would need to be done is if the growth of the wen is so exaggerated that it covers the eyes and the fish can't feed.

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