Choice of canister filter for 75 Gal? Fluval Filters

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    Hi. I'm planning on supplies for the seventy five gallon aquarium I'll be getting soon and am trying to decide on what filter I'm going to purchase. Whatever it will be, it will more than likely be online from amazon or drfostersmith or something. I'm planning on some large, extra messy fish that will require a lot of really good filtration. Not to mention I'm planning on stocking the tank heavily because it's cichlids. I'm looking particularly at Fluval filters. I'm currently thinking either two 406's or one FX6. I plan on an inline UV sterilizer but most likely not an inline heater.
    Now, as far as questions go...

    Has anybody here used a Fluval canister filter before? If so, what one? What were your initial thoughts about it? What were your thoughts after you had it for awhile?

    Are Fluval canister filters a good choice for messy fish? I'm looking at large cichlids.

    Is there any major advantages or disadvantages of a 406 canister filter over a FX6? How do their media capacities compare?

    Would I be better off having two separate slightly smaller filters over one larger one? I'm more inclined towards the one plug-in. Another concern would be the weight of the larger one. I'm not very strong myself (not strong enough to carry a full five gallon bucket) and would be worried about transporting it to clean it. How heavy would the FX6 be roughly? And also, can some of the sponges in the circular rings around the media holes be cut away or taken out and replaced with pond matrix or other biomedia? I hear pond matrix is bigger.

    I love both but I'm worried that the flow rate of the FX6 will be too much for a UV sterilizer to work well. The design of the FX6 is impressive in my view, except for that of the sponge trays. I like them both! I need help deciding. I went cheap and bought the Sun-Sun 302B for my current aquarium and regret the decision so I hope I can make a better choice this time. I'm willing to pay up to $400, but preferably no more than $250-$350, so anything else you guys can suggest in that range would be nice to think about, too. I love the freedom the Sun-Sun offers me right now with the trays I can put whatever in and wonder how this will compare to the FX6. I LOVE how the three trays come out all as one on the FX6. I need help deciding what to do. I'm new to the hobby and the Sun-Sun was my first canister filter. I want to know if they will be about the same in performance (for what I need). Thanks!
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