Chocolate Gourami sexing...

  1. beau

    beau Well Known Member Member

    Does anyone know how reliable the dorsal fin check is? I've read that the rounded dorsal fin means female and pointed means male. My two fish have fins exactly like the ones in each of the photos on SeriouslyFish's page - which would mean one male, one female. On SF though, they say that checking the fins is not always a reliable way to tell. What are the chances a male has rounded fins and a female has pointed fins or vice versa?
  2. hampalong

    hampalong Well Known Member Member

    Adult male dorsal fins are pointed, females' are rounded. The difficulty is because they don't often extend these fins unless they're courting/breeding. In breeding condition males also have a cream to white edge to the dorsal fin.

    If yours are obvious I would say you have a pair.
  3. dcutl002

    dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    What hampalong said.
  4. OP

    beau Well Known Member Member

    Ah awesome, thank you both! They have both been extending their fins a lot (sometimes at each other in what looks like courting behavior, but also just when they stop swimming) so it's been easy to see.