Chocolate Gourami Food Aggression

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    Sorry for back to back posts on this forum, but I've run into another slight bump in the road with my new Gourami's.

    The larger fish (male) becomes quite aggressive during feeding time. He chases the smaller fish (female? Not sure she is old enough to sex yet as she is a bit smaller than him, but she currently shows the rounded dorsal fin) pretty aggressively every time he sees her come out. He was backing her into one specific corner and then leaving her alone. No damage has been done as of yet. Both fish are eating well, both frozen bloodworms and small flakes. They've been fed three times, the first feeding was bloodworms and there was no chasing as they were both still settling in and the female was quite shy. The second feeding was sunken flakes and there was a bit of chasing, but shortly after they were seen sharing the same flake that had landed on the bottom. The third feeding was bloodworms again, and that was the one where it was quite bad, presumably because both are less shy. I was able to make sure both got food by spreading the bloodworms around the tank, which meant the female did have chances to come out and eat.

    The reason I'm calling this food aggression and I'm not sure if I should be concerned is because this only happens during feeding time, and during the rest of the day they patrol the tank as a pair. I've watched them for hours and find that it is rare to see one where the other is not. They also appear to have been courting eachother - circling (usually just one or 1/2 circle) with their fins flared. This never ends in chasing. I saw the male chase the female a couple times during the day yesterday, but she would make a small loop and return back to him, and they would carry on their way. There has been no chasing at all so far today, but I also haven't fed yet.

    Thoughts? Should I be worried, or should I just keep making sure the female gets food and ignore the male? Thanks for any help.
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    Bumping this up for you
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    Thank you ☺ As a little update - I fed flakes yesterday and there was still some aggression, but it wasn't as bad. There seemed to be no chasing during the day at all. This morning there was a little bit of chasing, but they still hang out with eachother almost all the time.