Chip Clip For Veggie Clip

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    B84A575D-2BB5-40BA-8B71-B28F05FDF9BB.jpeg65F179A4-8A11-40AB-9062-E4050082B8AC.jpegC62BD996-4A0E-420F-9915-0564055B3AD7.jpegB84A575D-2BB5-40BA-8B71-B28F05FDF9BB.jpeg65F179A4-8A11-40AB-9062-E4050082B8AC.jpegC62BD996-4A0E-420F-9915-0564055B3AD7.jpegB84A575D-2BB5-40BA-8B71-B28F05FDF9BB.jpeg65F179A4-8A11-40AB-9062-E4050082B8AC.jpegC62BD996-4A0E-420F-9915-0564055B3AD7.jpeg hi everyone! I’m new to the forum as well as being a fish owner. I currently have a 10 gal tank with a Betta (Tofu) and a new bristlenose pleco (Soba).(side note, I will be upsizing this weekend since I know plecos need more room!) I got him about a week ago. My LFS didn’t have veggie clips in stock so I ordered one. In the meantime, I was wondering if I can use a chip bag clip to weigh down my veggies for Soba? I’ve tried blanching organic cucumber and spinach, and holding them down with a plastic spoon, but he doesn’t seem to be eating. I’ve also tried algae wafers but they just seem to disintegrate within a few minutes so I scoop them out the next morning. Any advise is appreciated and welcome!
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    No, I wouldn’t use it.
    The hinge may rust underwater, and harm the fish potentially. You can buy aquarium veggie clips for very cheap prices, and they work just fine.
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    Thanks, I ordered one and it should be here Monday at the latest. Was just hoping to use this in the meantime, and take it out in the mornings, but I’ll keep trying the plastic spoons