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Chinese Hi Fin Batfish

  1. ChristyLC New Member Member

    Hi there! I’m new to this whole tank thing. We’ve just started a few months ago and thing are going great. I’m just having a lot of trouble sexing some of our fish. Our newest is a batfish. Can anyone help me identify whether this is a male or female?
    Thank you!

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  2. MWR Valued Member Member

    Your "Batfish" is a baby Chinese Banded Shark. These things get over four feet long and weigh over seventy-five pounds. There is no way to sex this fish at the size of yours.
  3. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    While doing some reading up on the species myself I think I chanced upon your video on youtube :p

    Good lucking sexing that fish, it is but a baby. This is considered a "monster fish" and should grow to at least 2ft long if kept properly. While it grows slow, it will still need to be moved to at least a few hundred gallon tank as it grows.

    IMO this is one of the many species that should never of found its way into the aquarium trade. Grows too large for the average fish keeper to care for properly.
  4. ChristyLC New Member Member

    Oh my goodness! Well, that is certainly not what we were told! Currently we have a 55 gallon with two tetras, two (i call them sucka dishes) can’t remember their name.... two Corey cats, and a convict and Dempsey fish. Oh! And a snail. This fish is beautiful and I hope to keep it, however that’s such a large fish in the end. I feel sad, like I’m going to stunt it or something.
  5. ChristyLC New Member Member

    Ha! You did! I’ve since removed it since it was inaccurate. Do you think that Batley (my wrong fish lol) will be happy/healthy in a 55 gallon tank for now? If she/he gets too large I’d be sad, but happy to safely re-home it.
  6. ChristyLC New Member Member

    Thank you for responding. Would Batley (I’ve named it) be safe and happy in a community 55 gallon for now? I’d be sad, but willing to safely re-home it once it grows too large. I’d never want one of my fish to be unhappy/unhealthy.

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