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    Hi! My boyfriend and I recently started a tank and we currently have a 20 gallon tall tank with a aqueon 30 filter. Our fish are a 2.5in fancy goldfish and a 2in chinese algae eater. The per store sold us both and said it would be fine but after some research and noticing some nasty behavior from our algae eater we realize we made a mistake trusting the store. Todd, the algae eater, is trying to suck the life out of our goldfish. We have temporarily separated them and have a 6.5 gallon tank with a 10 gallon filter on standby. However, we are attached to both fish and are willing to even keep them separately. So my question is how can we set up an environment for Todd with any other fish? What's the best solution?
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    Welcome to fishlore!

    Todd needs 55 gallons. Unfortunately CAEs are pretty aggressive.

    Goldfish are social and 20 gallons is a little small, especially a tall, so I would recommend upgrading to a 40 gallon+ and getting him a buddy.
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    Yeah, CAE's get very agressive over time. They eat algae when young but stop and suck on other fish when they get older.

    And since also CAE's will grow big in your tank, I will also rehome it. Same with goldfish
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    Thank you!

    We just upgraded to the 20 gallon. (Again, listening to the pet store people) When we purchased it, they said that we should purchase the 10 gallon and we went larger even though it was out of our budget. At this moment in time is there anything I can do to help them out in that 20 gallon? We just can't afford to upgrade again right now.
    Ps. We do intend to put the CAE in a larger tank once we can afford it.
  5. BottomDweller

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    I'd be doing 40% water changes every other day but it won't stop aggression
  6. aquatickeeper

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    I would rehome the CAE and golfish.
  7. OP

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    Thank you for your input. Our water quality isn't a problem right now as we have been taking the proper precautions. We are both extremely attached to these fish and cannot afford to upgrade the tank right now. Would planting the tank be beneficial? Or perhaps adding more hiding places? Are there any fish that get along with CAE?
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    You have two very long-lived fish that need their space unfortunately.

    Well potentially very long-lived. Few make it.

    I've been trying to find people with Clown Loaches like mine (23 years old) but despite 50 million being exported from Indonesia each year (official figures) it seems that they are all wasted.

    11.10.29 Clown Loach Steve Joul (17).JPG

    I'd like to think you'd be keeping your fish for a very long time like me but they would need to be rehomed in much larger tanks.

    The fancy Goldfish are a bit delicate and the CAE are tough and aggressive but there are suitable companions for them both.

    I suspect other fancy Goldfish would be best and Tod would need some sturdy and fast larger Tetras or Barbs that could handle his aggression.

    If 20-30 year life spans seem too much you could always give them up and keep small colourful fish in a 20 gallon.

    I have one with Neon Tetras and another one with Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows because I find fish look best in a large shoal of their own kind. It's fun to grow plants with them too.

    17.01.15 Neon Tetra Cube Aquarium Steve Joul (2) - Copy.JPG
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    Thank you!
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    I actually have seen clown loaches about that size as a display fish in a pet store in NJ
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    Hello, welcome to the forum.

    I'd probably give this link a read over; it's what your fish will be going through in a matter of months unless you can get them into appropriately sized tanks.
  12. allllien

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    I used to keep 1 white albino CAE in each of my 14g tanks with swordtails, they were always fine but eventually they grow quite big and need to be moved to a larger tank or rehomed. I've heard they can be really aggressive but only had that problem once, but I think swordtails are fast enough to not be too bothered by them, unlike goldfish which are slower. I once had one that loved to play with a specific swordtail, they'd both chase each other around the tank like they were playing tag lol. I don't keep them anymore though because they really need a lot more space.
  13. NavigatorBlack

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    It's a food issue. Goldfish have big flanks and all fish have protective mucous/slime on their skin. Chinese Algae Eaters like that slime, as a delicacy. They are known for harassing tankmates, but with larger fish, they become parasitic slime feeders.
    I mean, you could have been sold a Malawi eyebiter...

    In a larger tank, you could keep fast moving fish that weren't worth the trouble to him. You would just have a big, ugly CAE in there with them. In a tank under 20 gallons, he has to be alone.

    That's going to be quite a test of how much you like him...
  14. OP

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    We seem to have temporarily solved the problem by putting a lot of decorations in the tank along with a divider. Both fish are flourishing and feeling much better. Thank you all for advice and info. I have learned so much!
  15. BottomDweller

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    Key word here being "temporarily"
    They will need a much larger tank and though they are getting along for now the CAE may become aggressive again.
  16. allllien

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    Awww, the pure white or white with bright yellow on them are really cool looking fish, but I do kinda agree the generic grey or gold ones are a bit ugly, especially when big. The nicer colored ones do sort of remind me of koi though, like this one here: