Chili Rasboras Dying After Tetra Algae Control Help

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    Guys I’m so mad and upset right now. I’ve never had this happen.

    My 20 gal long stared to grow a bunch of green hair algae after adding some new plants despite a bleach dip. (Maybe bleach wasn’t strong enough) I literally noticed the algae over night and wasn’t able to do much about it for a few days.

    This is a newer tank with a dirt bottom I set up in (January?). I have it capped with sand. I ran diy lighting and after a BA attack I changed the light schedule and all my BA disappeared. The tank grew a thick film of green algae over everything. I changed my light cycle to a 4 and 5 hour photoperiod with 4 hour off between photo periods. This helped to stop the algae growth and the algae thinned, some peeled away from the glass in sheets, the snails began to catch up and all was good. The algae was controlled and starting to dwindle.

    I bought some new plants did a bleach dip, though my solution may not have been strong enough. I was in a hurry to get to work and eyeballed it and diluted the solution further because I thought it was too strong. About a week or so later green string algae exploded in the tank from God knows where. The new plants are the only thing that has changed.

    Fast forward about a week and I do a 60% water change while picking away the hair algae and scraping my glass clean. I filled the tank back up per usual with RO. I pulled my snails out and added Tetra Algae Control to help kill the remaining algae. I stayed in the basement for another couple hours watching tv, did a last check and all was good.

    I went down around noon and my Chili Rasboras are dead. I had 10. 6 are dead, 4 barely alive. I grabbed out the dead ones and put them in a bag to the side. The ones that are alive are setting in a bowl with RO water.

    How do I help the remaining ones?

    My snails are just fine. They were moved due to the warning in the bottle. Additionally I added enough solution to treat 15 gallons of water via a pipette. The actual water volume of the tank is somewhere around 17 gallons. I have my sponge filter going at full blast per usual.

    I’m so upset. They were fine when I went to bed, I know I killed them. I did a quick search of this stuff before adding it and only found a couple isolated cases where fish died. I was a little hesitant to add it and now I wish I hadn’t. I could have easily moved the fish as well and they would all still be alive. I should have stuck to glut and peroxide. I’ve used both in the past no problem.

    My priority now is figuring out how to treat the surviving fish. Any ideas? I’m going to keep them in the bowl for majority of the day changing water every hour and then move them into another tank. I don’t want to add them right away because I don’t want to wipe out my 10 gal.

    As for plants, will they be okay with this stuff? Or can they melt back and die? My game plan is to leave the algae control in the tank and let it run its course. Then in July try to add fish back. Hopefully the water changes I do between then and now will clear the tank of any chemicals.

    Btw tank is established/ cycled. Weekly 50% water change with RO. Fish have been in there for a month they were just starting to color up nicely. Nitrates are the only value outside norm. They have been high but have been stable @10-15ish toward the end of the week.
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    Do a large water change, 75% and check your water. Do another 50% water change the next day and check water again. If the parameters look good, I think it'd be ok to add the rasboras back.

    You need to sort out your algae issue. It's most likely due to your photo period being too long maybe? Try 4 to 5 hours total in a day. That will do.
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    Thanks for replying

    Updated status:
    I have 2 remaining this morning. I’m going to run the 20 without any livestock until July keeping up on water changes.

    One of them has some type of neuro or swim bladder issue I. It can’t really swim as it use to. It has issues staying upright and moving along through the water column. I moved them into my 10 gallon last night. They will stay in there while the chemical gets diluted down in the 20. There were a couple reviews of residual chemical being left in the shortly after and killing fish. Hopefully a few months of water changes will allow anything left to leech out and be eradicated with water changes.

    I looked at reviews on Amazon and there where lots of complaints about people’s fish dying with minimal use and overdose. Had I thought to look through the product reviews I would have never used this stuff and went with my normal routine I used in my other tanks for spot treating algae issues. I thought I’d give this product a try since I’d never used it and I wanted a more aggressive treatment. Smh

    I’m not home at the moment so I can’t get water parameters. Honestly I’m beyond the point I need updated sets. I just have to deal with the aftermath, readjust the light schedule and purge my tank water.