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I would like some advice on stocking options for my future set up (360l).

I currently run a small 80l tank with: (all quite young. Biggest being the blue acara at 2.5 - 3 inches)
x2 Firemouths
x 1 Blue Acara
x 1 Musk Turtle
x 3 Bristlenosed Plecos
x 6 tiger barbs

They are quite young, but I think they are overdue for an upgrade. I am acquiring a 360l for them to move into for them to grow to adult sizes. Currently they all get on fine. Tiger barbs are aggressive to each other, but that is to be expected and the cichlids get on for the most part and the turtle and plecos just do their own thing. In general I am happy with the stocking, and I think in a 360l they should be happy as is.

I have been trying to decide on what I could add when I get it and cycle it. I really don't want to upset the balance. I have seen many people who post stuff with all sorts of problems with stocking and I don't want to fall into the trap. I have also seen many stocking calculators and charts, but many seem to contradict each other, and even sometimes outright give bad advice.

Also, for those who don't know about musk turtles: basically no shrimp or snails and probably nothing slow and small that lives on the bottom like pygmy corys, but he hasn't eaten my plecos, one is smaller than the largest bit I food I have seen him eat in one XD.

What I have considered/narrowed down to so far (please correct me):
> synodontis petricola
> more/another firemouth (this is if I build enough caves for them and the plecs)
> What about penguin tetras? <--- my favorite idea. Keep down on the aggressive fish and have some nice shoalers instead, should look cool with the barbs if they get on.
> Platy - I know these guys will be fine with everything accept the blue acara which I am not sure about. Platies seem quite tough, and there will be plenty of space for them as well as many broken lines of site due to drift wood, large rock structures and tall plants.
> Rainbow shark? Not red tail!
> Congo tetras? They might be to small and they look like their tails or delicate.

Basically I am thinking around the 6" mark and having 1-2 of them that are robust enough to not get bullied OR some 2 - 3 inch schooling/shoaling fish.

Currently everything, but the blue acara stays low down. The musk turtle and the firemouths will come to the surface to feed, but that is it. So, maybe it would be better to go with something top level like the platies or congos.

Anyway, I would love to hear some of your advice, or current setups and experiences with similar fish.
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