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Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by tjander, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. tjander

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    I have had the toughest time keeping cherry shrimp alive. I have taken a step backwards and bought 6 ghost shrimp. I have had them doing very well in my tank for two weeks now. Do you think I can add the cherry shrimp now and be successful now? I my thoughts are if the ghosts are still good two weeks in, I should have good water parameters and should be able to keep the cherry now?
    Thouhts comments welcome.
    BTW my water parameters are all in acceptable ranges nitrates are a bit high at 40.

  2. Nympxzie

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    Shrimp need perfect water quality. 40 ppm nitrates is high for fish, let alone shrimp try to get it between 5-20ppm. How long has your tank been cycled for? Shrimp need a mature tank I believe anywhere from 2-6 months cycled before you begin adding shrimp. What are you feeding them? Shrimp don't just eat algae, if you want to be successful at keeping more than just a few shrimp you will have to invest in shrimp food like New Era, and algae wafers, otherwise they will starve. Are any fish in with them or is it a shrimp only tank? Is it planted? Shrimps love tanks planted so heavily you can't see end to end.
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    So the tank is 4 months old, it is planted moderately, I have feed shrimp waffers and dried flakes. Though I agree common thoughts are 40 ppm is high. I have other tanks that run that or more, with no issues, shrimp might be less tolerent. Though I have a school or neon's and they seem to be doing well... thanks for your input.
  4. EricV

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    Shrimp are generally going to be less tolerant of high nitrates than fish in general.

    I also wouldn't be too quick to add cherries to a tank with ghost shrimp. Ghosts are much larger and more aggressive and the two just don't mix well in my opinion.

    I'd focus on getting your nitrates under control before attempting to add cherries again.
  5. OP

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    Thanks again for the input....
  6. Nympxzie

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    Anything above 20 ppm nitrate is toxic to fish, but they can grow used to it. The fact that your other tanks have more than 40 ppm nitrate is not a good thing and can/will shorten the life spans and health of your fish. The fish are used to the high levels so they act fine but it is not good for them. Shrimp are far less tolerant to high nitrate.