Cherry Shrimp Feeding?

So I have 3 cherry shrimp right now in a 15G (planning to get more). I have been placing a slice of cucumber every other day to see if they would eat it, but they won’t even touch it. I’m pretty sure they probably don’t like it but I’m worried that they aren’t “eating”. I see them picking at the GSA all over the tank and pothos roots, but I heard that GSA is tough and I have yet to see them make any serious dents in the GSA. Should I be worried about feeding them or should I just let them be?
Cherry shrimp tend to eat biofilm that is growing on established plants and decor in the tank. As long as the plants and decor have been in the tank for several months undisturbed they should have enough biofilm to support 3 shrimp.
If the tank is new (no bio film) drop a small algae wafer in. If they are hungry they will soon find it. Mine don't seem to like cucumber much either. They go nuts over a small piece of blanched broccoli or spinach.


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