Cherry Shrimp Care?

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by KingD, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    I plan on setting up my 5 gallon as a cherry shrimp breeding tank once my guppy fry go to their new homes, get the tank re-cycled with fresh water and plant the tank. I just wanted to know if anyone could give me a basic overview on how to take care of them and what to feed and stuff of that nature. Thanks in advance to everyone that helps
  2. GvilleguyValued MemberMember

    Hold up on re-doing the tank. Is it currently nice and dirtied up by the guppy fry? Shrimp actually like a tank that has biofilm/algae/muck already built up in it, assuming the water stats are nice and clean.

    Does the internal Tetra filter have a sponge over the intake? A lot of shrimp tank owners go with a sponge filter, or a sponge over the filter intake, at least, to prevent little shrimp from getting sucked up.

    What is the base pH of the tank?

  3. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    Oh okay, when I get home I will test my water parameters in my fry tank and post everything on here for some more opinions.

    But no the filter doesnt have a sponge on the intake. I plan on getting a sponge filter for the tank once I get the wheels moving on this project.

  4. GvilleguyValued MemberMember

    A few other comments, just from my own shrimp tank that I have had for about 8 months. My tap water settles to a pH of 6.0, so my substrate in the shrimp tank is crushed coral to keep the pH high. The shrimp seem to do well. The pH stays around 7.8 to 8.0. I have 50+ cherries and 7 celestial pearl danios in a 10 gallon.

    FEEDING: I only do once per week feedings of small algae wafers (the really small pellet kind - they are small, round circles) and the shrimp population is slowly growing. The fish try to steal the wafers, but the shrimp still get their share.

    CLEANING: I find tank cleaning is only needed periodically. I probably swap out a gallon or two of water every 4 - 6 weeks, with a very light substrate vac, and ammonia/nitrite are zero, and nitrates are about 5.

    PLANTS and DECOR: I have two small logs, which gives them hiding places; I have a lot of java moss and a few java ferns in there as well. I think the moss helps the babies hide from the CPDs.

  5. GvilleguyValued MemberMember

    Here is a recent picture. That small plant in the gravel is not a Java...I don't remember the name. It is from my main tank. I periodically swap plants in there so the shrimp can clean the leaves for me. ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1436808076.045015.jpg

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  6. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    Thank you again for all the info! Keeping shrimp seems relatively simple as long as you follow the appropriate steps to care for them.

    Is a sand substrate okay for shrimp? My fry tank is bare bottom at the moment so I can keep an eye out on them but I will be adding substrate once I start with the shrimp project.
  7. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    sand is fine for shrimp. I would get black sand because it will really make the colors on the shrimp pop out
  8. GvilleguyValued MemberMember

    Agree on black sand - that would be my choice if I did not have the acidic pH issue to deal with.
  9. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    Black sand is exactly what I had in mind. Ive seen a few shrimp tanks with black sand and it looks amazing!
  10. GvilleguyValued MemberMember I'm thinking of creating an acrylic tray insert, the width of my tank, 1 inch tall, and about 4 inches front-to-back, where I could put black sand. The crushed coral would still occupy the back part of the substrate area...
  11. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    Thats not a bad idea, you get the look you want without putting your shrimp at risk. I'd say go for it!
  12. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    Just out of curiosity, if I want to make my shirmp tank planted, how would I feed the plants? I know that SeaChems Flourish and Flourish Tabs (what I plan on using for plant food) contain copper in them which will kill the shrimp. What would I use to feed the plants?

    Edit: What blank sand would you recommend I use for the shrimp tank? Is there any specific brand?
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  13. GvilleguyValued MemberMember

    Good question - I have never added fertilizer specifically for that reason. I am not sure which ferts would be shrimp safe.
  14. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    So you dont add any kind of fertilizers and your plants still grow? Do they grow at a slow rate?
  15. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    Most fertilizers today are fine with shrimp. They contain little copper which don't harm shrimp at all. I have used Seachem Flourish and API Leaf Zone in my shrimp planted tank with no problems. If you have a nearby tractor supply you can get black diamond blasting sand. It's pretty cheap like pool filter sand.

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  16. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    I noticed that Seachem Flourish Trace has a bit of copper in it. Do you know if that would be enough to be toxic to the shrimps?
  17. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    It contains little copper which isn't enough to harm shrimp

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  18. KingDFishlore VIPMember

    SeaChems Flourish has 0.0001% copper and Seachems Flourish Tabs contain 0.001% copper. Would these levels be fatal to the shrimp or do you think they would be okay with it?
  19. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    Not Flourish or the tabs... its called "Flourish Trace"


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  20. KingDFishlore VIPMember


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