Cherry barb questions

Went to go check on my cherry barbs tonight and I saw some questionable things. I plan on redosing the tank with levamisole and feeding fenbendazole food tomorrow again for the 2nd go for camallanus worms. Now here are my question one of my female barbs has whitish/green poo, is that something to worry about. Second, my male barb has this white spot on his side. PLEASE tell me its not ich. If it is what can I do? Can I raise the temp to 82 with the levamisole meds?


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Bump. Im not too worried about the female anymore. Since i plan on doing the levamisole again. But I have isolated the male with the white spot. It doesnt look like ich but could it be columanaris? Idk can someone give me any ideas on what it could be? Should I do a salt dip? I have to dose the whole tank again with levamisole so I dont know if I should put him back in or not. Heres another pic.


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