Cherry Barb Photos

  1. Mike

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Please use this topic to post your Cherry Barb photos.* I'll leave it stickied so it appears at the top of the posts. I'll put the first picture up...



    While your compliments on the photos are really appreciated, text-only posts will be removed after a while to keep the gallery pictures-only. If there is a discussion you do not want to loose, please start it again in a separate thread.


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  2. A

    ABiondi Valued Member Member

    - Ken & Barbie (Ken is brighter)


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  3. T

    Tazmiche Well Known Member Member

    Sorry it's so dark, will get better ones soon.

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  4. T

    Tazmiche Well Known Member Member

    This is my fave pic of the Checkered Barbs, the female is in the foreground. I'll try to get more soon.

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  5. B

    Barbrella Well Known Member Member

    Isabella, those pics are awesome and your barbs are gorgeous. I'm impressed, since I know how hard it is to photograph them. I've been trying!

    That checkered barb is very nice!

    My male. He's about 5.
  6. d

    dsenk New Member Member

    The pet store told me these were gold barbs. They look like cherry barbs to me. Let me know what you think?

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  7. L

    Lily New Member Member

    Baby Cherry Barb

    My first cherry barb fry! She's a little over 1/4 of an inch long, and I've named her Tess (because she's "hardy").

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  8. S

    SarahFish Valued Member Member

    My cherries!

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  9. Geoff

    Geoff Well Known Member Member

    My Cherry Barbs

    Here are some of my cherry barbs. (I was going to post them in the Cherry Barb Photos sticky, but it's closed.)


  10. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Reopened thread