Cherry Barb Injury?

  1. y

    yannifb New Member Member

    569F5F41-A223-4C0D-A25A-462D9E51DFC7.jpeg A0C6CCBF-0906-4FDA-B535-016CE824D337.jpeg 1529168B-535D-46EB-B71E-03E294BFCD5F.jpeg So I just picked up 3 cherry barbs and one of them has me a little sketched out.

    It’s hiding unlike the other two and has something glazed over it’s right eye— I noticed it right when I put it in the tank and put it in a small quarantine tank to look more closely- put a few pictures below. It has what looks like a scuff mark on one side of its body so im thinking it’s maybe an injury.

    Help would be appreciated! Should I return him or put him back in the main tank?
  2. FishFor2018

    FishFor2018 Well Known Member Member

    i'm honestly not sure what that is, i cant see the pictures too good maybe someone else can help, sorry
  3. OP

    yannifb New Member Member

    Here’s another pic from the side if helps— it’s a little hard to get a good picture but you can see the glazed side protruding a little

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