Chemiclean gets rid of Blue-Green algae (Cyanobacteria)


So for a long time I dealt with a really bad case of blue green algae in my 29 gallon freshwater tank at first I thought I could just scrape it off and it would go away but it never did eventually the algae got so large it was killing my plants and covering them,that’s when I found chemiclean the first two days I didn’t see much of a difference on the third day I did the water change it said to do I noticed the algae starting to die off as it detached from my aquarium plants and rocks pretty easily but it was still in the sand so I Dosed the aquarium again and changed the water after the third day at this point the blue green algae was completely gone even the carpets that covered the sand and sponge filter it’s been about two weeks and it hasn’t come back I turned up my oxygen in the tank along with doing more frequent water changes and now my tank is crystal clear of the green blue algae I really want to spread the news about chemiclean because without it I don’t know what I would of done so I give it a 10/10








I believe Chemiclean is just a form of erythromycin, which is often used to kill cyanobacteria in aquariums. API E.M. Erythromycin and Mardel Maracyn are alternative products that should produce the same results.

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