Cheesecloth For Fish Food While Cycling?

  1. b

    blckcandyapple New Member Member

    In case I can't find ammonia can I place the fish food in mesh cloth when cycling my tank? I'm not sure where I'd get my hands on a small mesh bag.

    I meant cheesecloth not meshcloth....
  2. JesseMoreira06

    JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    little more complicated then pure ammonia as you don't no exactly how much your doosing but why not just simply add food into the aquarium like fish flakes.
  3. MissRuthless

    MissRuthless Well Known Member Member

    Just sprinkle the flakes in... or drop a piece of raw shrimp or meat in there. Are you trying to keep things tidy or what? You'll need to do a thorough gravel vac and water change before adding fish anyhow so why bother? If there's another reason and I just came off like a jerk I apologize, lol. I just gave in to the hype and did my first fishless cycle - all I did was throw a few flakes or a shrimp pellet in every other day or so for a few weeks, then started testing here and there until one day there was no more nitrite (and obviously no ammonia). Then sucked all the water out, filled it back up and boom - cycled tank. The hype should indeed be believed (anyone? Anyone??).